What is the Mountain Bike Park?

    Coaldale's new mountain bike park is being developed on approximately 3 acres of vacant land east of the Coaldale Dog Park and adjacent to the Owl’s Nest Campground site. Once completed, the park will connect to the Town’s new pathway system, providing residents and visitors with an opportunity to recreate in the Town at no cost and will provide a number of benefits to the community.

    Mountain Bike Parks are a fun way to experience mountain biking, improve your skills, or learn some new tricks. Parks generally offer unique features that are suitable for both beginners and advanced riders. Mountain Bike Parks are made up of several terrain levels, including single-track trails and Technical Terrain Features (TTF’s). TTF’s can include dirt jumps, berms, boardwalks, wood features, jumps, gaps, and free-ride stunts.

    Who is the design consultant?

    Bike Track Ltd is based out of Airdrie, AB, specializing in extreme cycling tracks, parks & trails, small pump tracks through to international standard BMX tracks, bike parks, and resort scale developments. Originally formed in Sheffield, UK, the Canadian branch was created roughly 8 years ago; the Canadian company still completes all of the UK business’s design and documentation, sharing expertise and specialized management and training labour. With over 60 years of extreme cycling experience throughout their work, Bike Track focuses on providing high-quality cycling facilities to work progressively with communities and local and national organizations. Bike Track is focused on the user experience, flexibility and longevity of the venues they design and build.

    For additional information on Bike Track Ltd., please see their website: https://bike-track.com//

    What is the budget for the mountain bike park?

    The budget for the park is $250,000. The project is being funded by the proceeds from the land sale of the Owl's Nest Campground site, providing a new community amenity without having to resort to tax dollars to do so.

    Visit Coaldale's Questica OpenBook platform for more financial information.

    How will the park be maintained?

    The Town will be responsible for the maintenance of the mountain bike park. Bike Track Ltd. has provided the Town with a maintenance manual and a maintenance training session to make sure the park will be properly maintained. There will also be opportunities for local community members to get involved.

    Where can I park my car?

    Street parking is available along 20th Ave. The Owl’s Nest Campground has also generously offered to open up their private parking lot to mountain bike park users.

    The mountain bike park can also be accessed via our pathway network.

    Can my kids use the park?

    Yes! The park is user-friendly for bikers of all ages and experience levels. The park will have different tracks and design elements that cater to different skill levels so everyone can enjoy using the space. We've even included a skills track for smaller ones just learning how to ride.

    Will there be washrooms?

    Yes, there will be washrooms located on the north side of the park.

    What amenities will be included in the park?

    A number of amenities have been incorporated into the design to enhance your enjoyment of the park. This includes picnic benches (covered and uncovered), a bike repair station, and washrooms.

    Is the mountain bike park part of the Owl's Nest Campground?

    No. Owl’s Nest Campground is a private entity separate from the public mountain bike park; however, there will be pathways connecting the two amenities.